Narducci Dental Group, P.A

Our Story


Narducci Dental Group, is dedicated to improving the quality of life through exceptional oral health care. Our team practices dentistry the way it was meant to be practiced: as an art, implementing knowledge, thought, creativity, and detail into the entire patient experience.

From the time the patient enters each practice, to the time they leave, we strive to treat each patient like we would our own family.

We are committed to inspiring our patients to “perfect their smile”. Whether someone is on a budget and starting their career or on a fixed income in retirement, we look for creative ways to make exceptional comprehensive dentistry affordable. This could be filling embarrassing gaps, alleviating pain through treatment, or even brightening a dull smile.

Our vision has become a success by caring for our team, and in turn our team provides the care and inspiration to each and every patient. We look for raw and committed talent that shares the vision of Narducci Dental Group, P. A.

We also make continual efforts to connect with our community in outreach projects. These projects are geared towards education of the importance of dental health care and also providing care for destitute populations through mission trips.

The Narducci Dental Group is a company to watch. We believe our vision should continue to expand so that exceptional dentistry can be accessible and enjoyed by all through our “wow” experience.

-Nicholas A. Narducci, DMD, MAGD, MBA


About Us

As part of Narducci Dental Group’s commitment to bringing the highest level of dental care to as many people as possible, the company established its headquarters in Puerto Rico, to assist in reviving the beloved U.S. territory, that has been devastated by natural disasters and other obstacles.

Narducci Dental Group has been able to contribute in job creation, philanthropic efforts, and bringing community awareness to the island, to stimulate economic growth and attract talent to Puerto Rico.

With more and more of the island’s dentists retiring, Puerto Rico is in need of dental partnerships to ensure its people continue to have access to high quality dental care.