Dental management

Dental Management

Looking for Dentist Owned and Supported Business Services for your practice?

Contact us below and explore your option to join the Narducci Dental Group’s team of offices focused on providing patient-driven dental care.

We offer you an opportunity to focus on patient and clinical care, while Dr. Narducci’s experienced teams handle the business and administrative tasks for you!


Nicholas Narducci

Vice President of Clinical Operations

As a child, Dr. Narducci had an overwhelming fear and anxiety toward dentists! Because of this experience, he has a deep passion to create a serene dental experience for all his patients. Regardless of the Narducci Dental office you enter, you will have the same unique experience. When you enter the office, you will notice the aromatherapy, the music being played, the high ceilings of the operatories equipped with television screens for watching movies in the chair, and the energy of each individual team member. Dr. Narducci is meticulous to ensure no patient will have to feel like he did as a young boy. Our patients appreciate the experiences they have at Narducci Dental Group offices, and that has allowed us to expand this revolutionary private dental practice model throughout north and central Florida.With over 18 years of knowledge, education, and practical experience, Dr. Narducci and his team can provide you with a multitude of treatment options, and help you make an informed decision about your dental health.

After serving in the United States Air Force and working in an exciting career for the Department of Defense, Dr. Narducci completed dental school at the University of Florida and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.  He extended his dental education by training at the Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Florida, Shands Jacksonville.  There, he participated in hundreds of full mouth restorations and surgical implant placements, while being mentored by some of the dental industry’s leading educators.  Dr. Narducci found his commitment to public service through dentistry during this residency, and he later volunteered as a dental professor to give back to this public health initiative.

Dr. Narducci began his dental career in a large dental service organization (DSO) and was able to learn how business concepts were applied in the dental field.  A born entrepreneur, he began his first practice part-time while continuing to work at the DSO to support his family.  Dr. Narducci eventually grew his first practice to a flourishing multi-chair facility with the help of his core leadership team, which remains with him today. 

Committed to excellence in his field, Dr. Narducci participated in the University of Florida’s Comprehensive Dentistry Program, which included thousands of hours of study in case study and research. Through this, he earned his Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, an accolade that less than 2% of dentists ever attain.  He earned his Executive Level Masters in Business Administration at the University of Florida, and participated in think tanks with corporate executives for many years through this program.  Dr. Narducci applied this knowledge and expertise to grow Narducci Dental Group to currently have 12 practice locations.  His passion for learning the intricacies of the most successful companies in the world has allowed Narducci Dental to grow, and we plan to open 3 additional practices in 2021.


Jessica Narducci

Chief Hospitality Officer, General Counsel

Jessica  graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Masters in Management Science.  She and Dr. Narducci have been married since 2001 and have three children. Jessica was involved in all aspects of Narducci Dental Group’s start up, beginning at the first location, Town Center Dental Group, where she worked as the Practice Administrator. Jessica then obtained her Law Degree at Florida Coastal School of Law in 2010. She practiced law as a prosecutor for several years, and then ran a successful private practice in civil law.

Committed to public service and excited to get back into the courtroom, she practiced as a prosecutor in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, Jessica was selected as a fellow in the Florida Bar Leadership Academy. It was through the Leadership Academy that she was inspired to bring her energy, passion, and experiences to the leadership team at Narducci Dental Group. She applies her background in health, law and business as the Director of Research, Writing, and Development to NDG. She is committed to NDG’s mission and is excited about making exceptional dental care accessible to as many people as possible.

At NDG, Jessica is involved with all aspects of research and development of de novo and existing practice acquisitions. She is passionate about creating a healthy and positive working environment and strives to maintain NDG’s status as the best midsize company to work for, through building positive relationships. She also does this through creating the leadership development content for NDG. Jessica also functions as the general counsel of the practice group and handles the day to day legal topics that may arise.

Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, reading, cooking, and studying psychology and personal development. She donates her time and talent to initiatives in youth sports, as well as to pro-bono efforts through her local legal aid department.


About Us

As part of Narducci Dental Group’s commitment to bringing the highest level of dental care to as many people as possible, the company established its headquarters in Puerto Rico, to assist in reviving the beloved U.S. territory, that has been devastated by natural disasters and other obstacles.

Narducci Dental Group has been able to contribute in job creation, philanthropic efforts, and bringing community awareness to the island, to stimulate economic growth and attract talent to Puerto Rico.

With more and more of the island’s dentists retiring, Puerto Rico is in need of dental partnerships to ensure its people continue to have access to high quality dental care.



Dr. Narducci’s leadership and management experience is backed by 20 years of dental practical knowledge, as well as a foundation of military, government, and business experience.  He is a “forever learner” and has continued his education with an MBA, his CDP, and a MAGD certificate.  Dr. Narducci loves patient care and continues to mentor his team of doctors, as well as see his own patients.  His philosophy on dentistry is to put “patients first.”  His team at Narducci Dental Group is ready to help you focus on dentistry.